Just Because You’re Paranoid…

The Palm Beach School District had their computer system hacked by a student. Grades and attendance records were manipulated. A year after that, another student broke in, too. So they spent $1.5 million to harden their security. In an act of bravado, “it’s dared students and hackers to crack it, offering a free wireless router for anyone who could.” While the prize isn’t reall a big deal, one has to question the sanity of making themselves such a public target. Oh, they are spending another half million bucks on sensors designed to defeat “war drivers” and “sniffers“.

Here’s a tip for all of you would-be prize winners: go low tech. The easiest way to get into these kinds of systems is to capitalize on human laziness. Some already vetted user is going to make it really easy for you to pinch their credentials… and then the router is yours!


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