Rogue Brick Phone

I know that there are a lot of people out there with ancient portable phones. Call them cell phones, handy phones, or whatever. You’ve got a box full in the garage or are just too much of a Luddite to move on to modern technology. Well, there’s a conspiracy developing. Some of you have a nasty habit of accidentally hitting a speed dial button with your phone. Whether it’s because your phone bumps into your keys, or you sit just right or whatever… you wind up calling somebody automatically and all they here is muffled voices in the background. PITA. Okay, you’re not really that much of a Luddite and you did upgrade your phone to something more modern. But you just through a pile of useless crap in the same box in the garge in which your trusty brick phone is stored. And it’s dialing out a lot. How can this be? Easy, if you put 911 on speed dial. FCCrules set in 1994 mean that even disabled phones must still be able to call 911. And there is one in Waterloo, Iowa that is doing just that. So far, that rogue phone has called 911 about 400 times. Yikes.


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