It’s Hell Being Ranked


If one is a fan of college football, it is an absolute necessity to show pity upon the ranked teams. While playing havoc with the BCS standings, ranked teams have managed to play with their hands around their own necks and choke themselves repeatedly and in dramatic fashion this season. Witness un-ranked Texas Tech de-frocking hallowed Oklahoma last night. Poof! There goes the country’s 3rd ranked team. Did I mention that the Cinderella story Oregon Ducks blew their #2 run on Thursday? Hell even Vandy looked like they were going to beat #19 Tennessee until they managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

LSU has to play Arkansas and then the SEC title game and win both to stay in the BCS title bout. Presumably, unbeaten Kansas will now slide above Oklahoma and Oregon in the rankings. They have #6 Missouri coming up and then a title match with either Texas or Oklahoma (currently both have identical conference and overall records in the Big 12 South). If you are confused, send me your social security number and bank account details. I’ll share the Italian Lotto winnings that I have been notified about with you and we can spend all our money on creating a college football playoff system.


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