You’ve Got Mail!

If you have been reading this blog for any appreciable length of time… you may have heard me lament my email box. I’m one of those people that takes a very fatalistic view of the future of email. It’s dying. It’s becoming less and less viable as a useful tool with each passing day. I think that we can all agree that spam is way out of control and that nobody has come up with an effective solution to keeping all that crap out of your email box. Forget about the viruses, phishing scams and what not. Between all the forwarded crap that everyone feels obliged to send, all the mortgage and stock hustles, the pill sales, the body enhancements and the Nigerian hustles… it’s truly a wonder that anything worthwhile ever gets through or read. I manage an electronic newletter that sends out nearly 10,000 absolutely requested emails per week. That’s not much compared to others, but it involves a significant amount of work after the newsletter is sent out. Why? It has nothing to do with remove requests. I handle those nearly instantly and it’s low effort to do so. The hard part is deciphering the bounce messages from receiving email servers. Rarely do I ever get anything useful that helps me to understand why the email bounced. Here’s a tip: include the actual email address that has the problem in the bounce report and give me a hint as to what’s wrong (quota exceeded, not a customer, server too busy, etc.). Oh, and when you report me for being a spammer and I provide a copy of your request to receive the email, an “I’m sorry” would be nice (but not really expected).

And now I shall go back to programming a new mail server. The old one is overwhelmed by spam and is just not worth anymore slap-dash fixes…


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