Jihad On You!

The fashion and the rage these days is to conflict, nay clash, nay go to war in the name of God. Allah be praised, it is a holy war! Catholics and Protestants, Muslims versus the world, Jews versus whoever, and on and on. “Nations tried to destroy each other for the sake of God, and the banner of the cross dripping with blood floated over a thousand fields — but the god was silent. He neither knew nor cared. Pestilence covered the earth with dead, the priests prayed, the altars were heaped with sacrifices, but the god did not see, did not hear. The miseries of the world did not lessen the joys of heaven. The clouds gave no rain, the famine came, withered babes with pallid lips sought the breasts of dead mothers, while starving fathers knelt and prayed, but the god did not hear. Through many centuries millions were enslaved, babes were sold from mothers, husbands from wives, backs were scarred with the lash. The poor wretches lifted their clasped hands toward heaven and prayed for justice, for liberty — but their god did not hear. He cared nothing for the sufferings of slaves, nothing for the tears of wives and mothers, nothing for the agony of men. He answered no prayers. He broke no chains. He freed no slaves.” – Robert Ingersoll

Perhaps we should all find somebody else’s name to champion?


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  1. 1 anna
    November 13, 2007 at 9:21 am

    I’m not sufficiently caffeinated to say more than good post, Jeff.

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