Roger Clemens Hits Wall

It’s a great gig if you can get it. Get paid a crap load of money, no spring training, start half way through the season, don’t travel with the team on away games that you’re not starting, and have no gas in the tank for any post-season effort. He’s 45 years old and certainly qualifies as one of the best baseball pitchers ever (my man form Katy). But of late, Roger Clemens seems to have a talent for sucking the maximum amount of money out baseball for the least amount of effort. More power to him, I guess. He’s come back from the dead more times than a kitty on the interstate… to collect an enormous payday. In a sign that Clemens’ pitching career could be over, his agent told the Astros on Wednesday that the seven-time Cy Young winner is set to start his personal-services contract with the team. “He’s moving toward retirement and leaving open the possibility of playing,” agent Randy Hendricks said. “As Roger has stated several times, he’s failed at retirement repeatedly.”


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