Child Protective Services

I’ve commented before that I thought that Child Protective Services (CPS) sometimes oversteps their mandate. But I also have applauded them when they do the right thing. Try this scenario:

Houston police said they were concerned about the conditions in the family’s northwest Houston apartment. A Child Protective Services spokeswoman said the couple, eight children and an invalid grandmother lived together in the one-bedroom apartment. Police filed a report with the state on Oct. 7. CPS officials said they did not know where the family was until Oct. 16, when an 11-month-old boy was brought to Texas Children’s Hospital with a broken wrist and arm. His brain was bleeding. His parents claimed he had fallen off of a bed. Olguin said, “He’s got subdurral hematoma, which is more consistent with blunt trauma to the head, and he’s got those two fractures, which is also consistent with something, some sort of trauma — and non-accidental.” She said the boy did not appear to be in pain even though he had broken bones. Blood work showed that he and three of his siblings had cocaine in their bodies.

Let’s recap… 11 people (including 1 invalid elderly woman) crowded into a one bedroom apartment, roaches, ants, a kid with broken bones and a bleeding brain, and positive tests for cocaine. Charges have been filed against the parents and foster care for everyone. I’d say CPS got this one right.


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