Department of Motor Vehicles


Interesting tidbits over at SmartMoney regarding 10 things on the Department of Motor Vehicles. Not exactly helpful, but I’m sure that all of us can relate to several of the items from our own experiences.

  1. “It’s our pleasure to confuse you.”
  2. “Your used car could be a ticking time bomb on wheels.”
  3. “When it comes to car theft, we’re part of the problem.”
  4. “Consistency is the hobgoblin of…well, not us, that’s for sure.”
  5. “You think getting your license is a hassle — try filing a complaint.”
  6. “We’re just as good at breaking the law as enforcing it…”
  7. “…and we all but enable identity theft.”
  8. “Just because you can’t see doesn’t mean you can’t drive.”
  9. “Your vanity plate says ‘MUG ME.'”
  10. “Fake ID? We fall for it all the time.”

I’m wanting to see “No, we do not run the taco cart outside” and “There is no bathing requirement to stand in line, per se”.


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