I Got a Joe Job

Although I would have preferred not. This happens a couple of times a year. Some candy-coated f*ck nut decides to spew out a couple of million pieces of spam using what looks to be a sender from one of my domains. This, dear friends, is known as a Joe Job. Yes, I have SPF files established in host records of all of my domains. No, *I* wouldn’t be deluged with bounces and out of office notices if people would just set up their mail servers to compare the sender’s address to the actual sending IP address. Hey, that means that the recipient wouldn’t get the spam, either!

And here’s little tip for all of you idiots that use “I’m out of the office” auto-responders… STOP! Nobody reads them. What’s worse? You are verifying to the spammer (unless he is pulling a Joe Job) that yours is a live email address.

Off to the dentist…


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