Good Deal: Punished


You know the expression “No good deed goes unpunished”? The same holds true for good deals. Almost without exception, there’s always a catch to that great deal you just got. And you usually do not discover that catch, glitch, or gotcha until after the fact. For various reasons, I have need to purchase a large safe. I dreaded doing it because safes can be pretty pricey and they are a pain in the butt. I know because I bought a smallish one before. The smallish one would fit in the back of my SUV, albeit testing the suspension system. Along with two neighbors and a few wheels, we were able to get into my house and secured. I did get nearly crushed during the event, but I lived with only ugly bruises and scrapes as evidence of my stupidity. When I knew that I had to get another one, paying somebody to deliver it and set it up in the house became the A plan.

About 2 weeks ago I fond the safe that I want and was getting ready to pay for it. The store manager sidles up to me and whispers in a conspiratorial fashion “can you wait a few days?” “I guess so. Why?” And he goes on to tell me how there’s around 30 safes in-bound to his store from all o fthe other stores and that there is going to be a big scratch and dent sale. I figure that it’s a safe and scratches aren’t really a big deal as long as the safe isn’t racked. He tells me that I most certainly will save a lot of money. What the heck? I show up at the appointed time and there are, indeed, about 30 safes in the back room. Some with light scratches and paint chips, some with giant scratches and whatnot. Nothing too bad… There are two buyers who worked for the chain back there pricing them and I explain that I am absolutely, positively buying one of these monsters right now, before I leave, make me a deal. One size bigger than I was planning (always a smart move), upgraded locking mechanism, and a very light scratch on the front and a chip on the top edge. There’s some bigger scratches on the back, but who’s gonna see the back??? I wind up getting a $400 discount and not having to pay sales tax (it’s for business use). I arranged for delivery. That’s when the punishment comes in.

$150 for delivery and set up of a safe is actually a pretty good price. And they set up the delivery for Monday (today) between 11 and 2. I felt a tingling sensation. I get a phone call telling me that one of their delivery guys hurt himself this weekend (hopefull, not delivering a safe) and that they would need to postpone the delivery. Expecting to hear something like I’ll have to wait for 3 days, it didn’t hurt so much when they said later on this afternoon. And then the thunderstorms rolled in. And, of course, I get a phone call telling me that they cannot deliver in the rain. “It’s actually stopped raining here.” “We cannot get the electronic mover wet or use it on a wet surface and it looks like more rain is coming.” “Which means that nothing I say is going to get that thing delivered today…” And now I am re-scheduled for tomorrow. And it will rain.


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