Weird Priorities

You can tell that it is election season. Strange laws and strange judicial rulings are being tossed around like ever so much Cajun seasoning on a bland entree’.

  1. A federal judge in San Franciscoon Wednesday blocked the Bush administration’s attempt to enlist the nation’s employers to banish illegal immigrants from the workplace. Saying the administration’s plan “would result in irreparable harm to innocent workers and employers,” U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer barred authorities from threatening to prosecute businesses that fail to fire employees whose Social Security numbers don’t match government records. That’s right, until the case is heard, it’s apparently all right to knowingly hire an illegal alien.
  2. Officials in Belmont, California have banned smoking INSIDE apartments and condominiums.
  3. Rep. Pam Adcock, of the Arkansas House of Representatives, said she will propose next week a ban on chewing tobaccofrom that chamber’s floors or committee rooms. Adcock contemplated seeking the ban during a committee meeting earlier this year and said she would push for a state law in the 2009 session banning chewing tobacco throughout the Capitol.
  4. An Indiana appeals court upheld a worker’s compensation award Tuesday for an exotic dancer who was injured while performing on a pole at a strip club.

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