Today’s Spam Menu

Just like the war on terror, the war on spam continues to evolve. New combatants, new accusatons, new munitions, ne advances, new defeats… but no conclusion. My inbox is still flooded, despite the assistance of my ISP in providing graylisting and SpamAssassin. I still get a decent quantity of stock spam, but the incidence of that has declined a bit. Maybe that is because the SEC is now suspending trading in stocks involved in these pum and dump schemes? That action, though, has hardly helped with the overall spam onslaught. The topic of the day (week/month) appears to be the male member. Whether it be mini-bombs of a 100 or so of emails from essentially the same person (the only difference being the sender’s middle initial) that happen throughout the day, or the perpetual message from “Sales” that genuine Viagra is on sale right now without a doctor’s perscription, everyone seems to be concerned about the love python. A close second is the entire country of China thinking that I am in need of discount software. It appears as though they mean business! And while the home mortgage spam has abated, just about everyone and his uncle is ready to approve my business loan. Such opportunity.


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