Good & Evil In The NFL

I realize that there are far more important things going on in this world than the happenings on the field of the NFL. However, Houston seems to be mired in a bit of controversy with Miami. In yesterday’s game, Miami QB Trent Green appears to drop down low to deliver a low block to on-rushing Houston defensive player Travis Johnson during a broken play. By just about any vantage, it looks like Green is trying to chop block Johnson. In the span of a just a second or two, Green gets kneed in the head as a result of his attempt and falls to the ground in a concussed, motionless pile. Travis Johnson then appears to taunt… the unconscious Green.

Bad: Green’s chop block attempt. There’s a reason why the maneuver is banned. It can end games, season, and careers of those it’s aimed at and also cause serious injury to the folk trying to deliver it. Green was not flagged for the attempt. Update: I have since learned that the chop block is only penalized on kick returns and change of possession plays. Green’s block, though potentially career ending for Johnson, was perfectly legit.
Worse: Travis Johnson taunting a downed player. It’s a game. The purpose is to win. Not gloat in the actual vanquishing of your opponent a la gladatorial games.
Good: It appears that Green will make yet another recovery.

The taunting part is not on the clip and who knows how long this video clip will get to stay up:


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