Houston Area News

I did something yesterday that I rarely do. I read the newspaper. What a horrible mistake! I can see why the medium is dying. I did learn a few things though. I learned that charges were dropped against Tammy Warner. Tammy was a Lake Jackson resident who was accused of giving her husband Michael, an alcoholic, a sherry enema so powerful that the man died of alcohol poisoning. There wasn’t enough evidence that indicated she did it maliciously. Ick. I also learned that there are a group of residents of a certain apartment complex who are a bit annoyed with the Houston Police Department. It’s actually just one cop, though. Seems as though he has been camped out at the main entrance to this complex and has been writing a metric butt load of citations for items ranging from expired inspections and registrations, to broken headlights, to improperly mounted license plates, to moving violations. He’s also been picking up folks on outstanding warrants. Here’s a tip: don’t break the law. So much for the paper.

On the lighter side, I have duplicated the Guinness Effect. For those of you who are unaware, the Guinness Effect is when the bubbles in the glass of a freshly poured Guinness Stout race from the top to the bottom, instead of what would normally be bottom to top. Many have tried to explain it. Some geeks at some college actually did explain it, but I was busy drinking. Anyway, I was cleaning the uber-espresso machine yesterday. After I did all the regular maintenance and had all the parts dried and put back together, I ran an espresso into a glass to prime the machine. Let me clarify. I ran a cafe crema, which is brewed a bit longer and infuses the elixir with teen tiny bubbles that resemble cream. The bubble fell down, not up. Cool!


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