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President Finds WMD’s

PRNewswire – Thursday, October 4, 2007, Katy, Texas. The recently elected Student Body President (editor: my daughter) held a press conference at the school bus drop-off of the elementary school today. Faculty, students and media were in attendance. In a stunning announcement, Madame President declared that “it is clear that weapons of mass destruction have been discovered and isolated in the school cafeteria.” Madame President went on to describe the nature of the WMD’s as being the “Wednesday Mystery Meat” and that she, as President and representative of the student population, could “not allow such a terroristic and deadly enterprise to continue.” As the President was wrapping up her brief, officers from the Health Department and Bomb Squad were seen in hazmat suits, loading up plastic containers full of dark, unidentifiable substances. The assembled crowd cheered as Madame President went off to her first class of the day (Social Studies). More details as they become available.