Odds Worsen

A little more than 20 years ago, my wife’s parents gave us a black and white mut kitten as a wedding present. This cat was the runt female from a runt litter. She soon turned me from an indifferent pet owner to a cat lover. 19 years later, she passed away. It took the house all of three days to realize that a new cat must take over. We picked up Daffodil, a whiteish, horrible paint can disaster of a mutt, from the local shelter and life has been pretty good. Once again, I adjusted to the concept of being the only male in the house.

Oldest daughter (she of the over-applied make-up and over-zealous interest in high school boys) has friend with a black cat. Well, almost cat; around a year old. This black cat is the pet of my oldest daughter’s favorite girlfriend. But favorite girlfriend is moving to California and I was not told of this new legislation that bans the importaion of cats into that state. I have been asked whether we could bring “Kidney” into our home. First, how stupid a name for a cat is that??? I’ve been hemming and hawing over this issue not really wanting to make a decision. Last night, a black cat showed up in my house whilst I was watching the football game and sipping a Scotch.

My wife, both daughters, and little black cat staring at me with looks that said “please, please, please…” And then the two cats proceeded to make strange noises. Over last night, they went their separate ways. However, I know that they had clandestine kitty talks and have determined that they are both female and that all of the females in the house way outnumber me, the lowly male. Right now, Daffodil is doing her morning thing (checking the preimeter and preparing for a nap) and Kidney is hiding under oldest daughter’s bed. I give myself survival odd os 1 in 3.


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