Time To Flake Out

I am involved in several commercial enterprises that are deemed by many to be politically incorrect. I sell weapons (guns, knives, etc.) and I sell pipes, cigars, and tobacco. Yes, I am a self-proclaimed merchant of death. Matter of fact, because of my chosen occupations, I am not welcome to speak at the local school career days. Darn, I really look forward to those cafeteria meals. In any event, the evil tobacco enterprise is having a rather special launch today. For quite a long time, we have been working on our very own flake tobacco blends. Each one has gone through a bajillion iterations and we are finally satisfied with the results. Our Low Country brand Santee, Cooper, and Waccamaw flake tobaccos will be launched at Smokingpipes.com today. Because you read this blog, you get a sneak peek at the tins. How about that? Oh yeah, they smoke good, too!


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