A Gift From Orion

It’s not really a gift, but it is from Orion. It is a given (if not always acknowledged) fact that cooking outdoors is either a total success or a total failure. If it’s a failure, everyone ignores the fact that the food has been rendered inedible and praises the outdoor get-together. Come turkey time, folks decide to try their hand at depp frying a turkey. While this does make a fabulous turkey, basic safety concepts are often ignored, resulting in personal and property damage.

Enter the Orion Cooker. The Orion Cooker is an outdoor convection cooker that uses three cooking processes simultaneously: convection, steam and smoke (if desired). The three processes combine to produce meat unrivaled in taste and tenderness at a fraction of the time traditional methods take without the need for cooking maintenance. The included accessories allow you to cook just about anything you can think of. Try a twenty-pound turkey on the poultry stand, or six racks of ribs on the rib hangers. Steam shellfish, or smoke salmon on the grates. Pork tenderloins, Boston butts, whole chicken, chicken halves, chicken wings, lobsters, crab, shrimp and vegetables are some other favorites.

It would seem as though they have considerably shortened the cooking times with this gadget. And with the imprecation “If you’re lookin’ – you ain’t cookin’!” One would have to assume that there is going to be more time devoted to the consumption of adult beverages, which always makes the food taste better…


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