T-Shirt Tribulations

So I’m reading the morning schedule of blog commentary and I wind up over here at Electric Venom to see the beginnings of a kerfuffle over t-shirts. Kate says “Back when little girls began sporting t-shirts which read “Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them” I found myself wondering just what kind of mother would actually allow her daughter to wear such ignorant, hate-filled, sexist crap. Now I know.” And then the commentary gets going. Some folks want to know why the shirt is taken so seriously, others hate “those shirts”, etc. And I’m scratching my head.

Okay, maybe it’s not such a good idea to have children running around advocating violence. And sure, adults wear similar shirts, too. There’s t-shirt advocacy for just about every violent or degrading activity imaginable (and some that aren’t). Doesn’t the message of the t-shirt say as much with it’s words or images as it does about the messenger (the wearer)? If I saw a girl wearing one of those “rocks” t-shirts, I would think that she and her parent(s) were pretty much idiots. But I’ve got nothing against them letting the world know it. I guess it’s one of the prices that we pay for the majority of freedom of speech…

And in case anyone is wondering, I pretty much have a drawer full of t-shirts that at least someone is going to find offensive.


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