An Underwhelming Battle


I’m usually not that big a fan of college football. I enjoy the professional version of the game, as opposed to the semi-pro edition. The whole notion of polls, rankings, and the testosterone laden “my conference is stronger than yours” thing is just so… weird. I do like the marching bands and I do like the fact that the cheerleaders are somewhat more genuine than the hyper-organized gentlemen’s club troupes of the NFL. All that said, I will admit that I am having a bit of a giggle over today’s stellar matchup. The vaunted tilt between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Michigan Wolverines is not so vaunted. Both teams are winless in this year’s schedule with Michigan’s 110,000 fans regularly booing their team off the field. This is the first time since AP started ranking teams (1936) that Michigan and Notre Dame will both be unranked when they play.


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