What Men Want, Part II


I knew that this could not be easily treated in just one post. Kate asked me what men want. I pondered it and came up with a reasonable run at it in this post. She then escalates the discussion in this post. Her synopsis of some of my post is:

Males also want women to pretty much make life easier on you by doing all of the dirty work.

At first blush, that may sound a bit harsh. True, in a way, but harsh. I’d like to put a fine point on this evaluation. In general, men view their primary hunter/gatherer roles (work) as “dirty work” or “real work”. Anything not directly related to it is not considered dirty work. Attending a kegger in the supervisor’s backyard during a football game? That’s work. Sorting laundry and dusting, not so much. It’s not that they are not important (they are), it’s that they do not relate to *his* important things. So yes, we want you to do all of that ancilliary stuff and not gripe about how we don’t help. Because we think our stuff is more important than that.

We’d like you to give us a clear, uncomplicated plan of action for getting in the sack with you (yes, we would like for you to look at least a little hot in the process). We don’t want productions and discussions that last for days. In general.

Specifics are a lot more complicated. For instance, I work out of my house doing two businesses, a charity, and a home owners association (yep, I’m one of them). I do laundry during the day because it’s easier if I do (less chaos on the weekend, which is *my* time, kinda). I cook meals because I enjoy cooking. Cooking also happens to be my boundary between my work day at home and my home day at home… And I sometimes know exactly what shirt I’m looking for and will go to several places to get it. Speaking of shirts… my wife cannot iron to save her cute butt. Not in 20+ years. I realized this early on. I also realized that if I wanted shirts ironed, I would have to do it myself or take them to the laundry. I love the laundry.


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