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You Did Not Invent This

As much as you really want to take credit with your friends, you did not invent beer can chicken. You don’t know the person who invented, and it has not been a family secret handed down for generations. Yep, it tastes good. Shove can of beer or any can full of beverage up a chicken’s caboose, stand it up on the grill, throw on some seasonings and wait. Done. Not your idea. If the truth be told, it was invented by some three-toother in Arkansas who was trying to make a nasty, low-budget porn video. When he found out that his sister could, indeed, run faster than him, he found delight in shoving cans up chickens’ butts. The local authorities showed up and Bubba was struck by the single good idea he’s had in his life: he told the cops that this was how he made chicken. And thus beer can chicken was born… as opposed to beer can Bubba.