Most folks are hard-working individuals. Sure, there are folks who believe that they are somehow “owed” something and live on government largess for their entire lives… But scam artists really frost my cajones. Why? Because there just aint no such thing as a free lunch. Somebody has to pay for it eventually. The picture, above, is of a Florida woman. It’s a still from a video that is available with the full story here about how she deliberately set up a slip and fall scam in a grocery store. The store manager sums it up pretty well regarding publicizing the video footage: “…because she’s going to try to sue me, sue the store for whatever happened, so I have to make sure everybody knows this is a fraud.”

Everyone pays for the cost of jerks like this in the form of higher retail prices to cover the cost of higher insurance. I say that she should be locked up with the rest of the criminals. And before anyone says that this is a victimless crime, I say bullshit. Sticking it to the man always has a victim: you and me. We all foot the bill for fraud.


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  1. August 6, 2007 at 3:29 pm


    I think most are either stupid, or simply not aware of the many many things out there that are everyday growing, that in time, will serve to change this country to one of those failed ones abroad. I can write a book on rant like this, with many exmaples. But fact is, many have already. Why does it prevail then? Again, stupidity or neglect.

    If really it takes a genius to figure out that “a body in motion will remain in motion until an outsdie force acts upon it” – then we are doomed indeed. Change is incremental, and so a thing that can span generations. If short sighted we are on those we elect -then dont see how good can prevail.

    Again – it takes too little to create motion. Yet, given the “democratic” vs “replublic” process, stopping what evil is in motion – no matter how small, will continue or grow.

    Double standards aside – bad policy itself bounds us now. Rant aside – how are brains to function, if not on private endevours – yet with the evil at large? Can’t!! -not this way — if we care on what founded this country!

    So again – -kudos for putting the word out, and exposing the truth.

    Xfiles relevance asidel; lets be optimistic, and assume that people are not stupid; and so spread that word out instead – let the truth be known!

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