Vista=Jessica Simpson

“Yep. Aero (the Vista graphical rendering engine) is the technological equivalent of Jessica Simpson. Damn nice to look at; hell, nice to do a lot more with I am sure. But long-term relationship material? Hell No! Once you get past the initial attraction and the novelty of something new and exciting, all of her annoying little traits (like being dumb as a frickin’ post) start to grate. It starts as a small gnawing in the back of your mind – the feeling that you know you’re lowering your standards. A little Jiminy Cricket is sitting on your shoulder silently judging you every time you look past the obvious flaws.”

I was blissfully unaware of the actual level of venom that has been generated by Vista. The above quote is from the blog, Vista Raped Me. It’s required reading for anyone who is even thinking about implementing this answer for a question that was never reallya sked.


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