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MySpace Kiddie Porn Bust

Reformed hacker and current Wired journalist,  Kevin Poulsen, has done what MySpace said it could not (or would not). He wrote around 1,000 lines of code to peruse MySpace for users profiles that matched entries in the registered sex offenders database. Many of the matches were just hanging out with friends and family. But many were actively engaged in soliciting sex online.

This is a mug shot of one Andrew Lubrano. Andy is a fine example of somebody who was spit out of the corrections system after three arrests for sex crimes. Three years probation in 1987 for sexual abuse of a 7 year old boy. In 1988 he got another probation term for second-degree sex abuse. In 1995 he got 3-9 years for sexaully abusing two boys he was babysitting (11 and 9). Yet he was free to go. In April, he began adding teenagers to his MySpace “friends” list and things go downhill from there. Read the whole story here.